Words from Director

Mission Accomplished

In 1952, a Christian businessman named Demos Shakarian established the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International ( FGB or FGBMFI ) in America.

FGB provides a platform for businessmen in the marketplace to give testimonies and bring men to Christ. In the past years, FGB has developed many chapters and actively served in the marketplace in 140 nations around the world, leading tens of thousands of men from different races and backgrounds to Christ.

On June 6, 1982, I remembered the first time I was introduced to the ministry of the FGB. I was deeply impressed by the testimonies of the brothers and their lifestyle evangelism manifesting the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. I decided to commit my life to serving the FGB ministry and it has now been over thirty years since we started our ministry in Hong Kong. Since then we have attracted tens of thousands of people to our outreach banquets and chapter meetings especially men from the business sectors and the marketplace. They would hear life changing stories through Jesus at meetings held in restaurants and hotels. Through these meetings, many broken-hearted people have been healed, lives transformed with joy and power.

However, FGB is not a church, nor is it affiliated to any particular church, and we will not plant our own churches. Few hundreds of our members are men from some 200 different churches. Together with their wives and family members, these brothers are mighty warriors in Christ, representing different denominations, races and cultural backgrounds. We are like the “Marine Corps”, who would not settle in occupied territories, but only carry out the mission.

Our goal is “Mission Accomplished, and Come Back Alive”. When we sail our “Gospel Battleship” to different regions and cities, the mission will not be successful without the support of local churches. We cannot fight the battle alone. After winning souls in our outreaches, we need churches to receive and look after the new converts. Otherwise these fruits will not remain.

We understand the importance of church life, therefore we emphasise that each member should be faithful in their own church ministry. We encourage the brothers to be submissive to their church leaders and serve the Lord fervently. In fact, our members would not be reducing their church attendance. Having joined FGB, they would bring a lot of converts back to their own churches. Today, many members have become elders and leaders in churches, while some have become outstanding and influential members of society.

We are looking forward to having a close communication and partnership with different churches. By combining the strengths from the churches, marketplace and intercessors, we believe we could win more souls in the cities and nations. By obeying the Lord of hosts, we would see our society transformed to be a more harmonious community.

Hugo Chan
National Diretor FGBMFI (HK)