Words from President

A man without distant concern, he must have immediate worries

Humanity today face unprecedented pressure to terrorist activities, and like a cancer grows, together with numerous global disasters, where do you find peace?

Since over 60 years ago, Mr. Demos Shakarian established Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI), then members all over the World have inexplicable peace as they find Christ! They established chapters in major cities and countries, to make a golden chain of blessings to spread out this peace to the corners of the world.

This golden chain of blessings, with each link connected, is benefiting the world. The testimonies in our website tell you that even though life is tough but the Lord’s grace is sufficient to cover us.

Today, would you like to receive that peace? Just come to Christ and accept Him as your Savior, you will become a link in this chain of blessings. Jesus’ love is able to change your life and bless you!


Robert Tsoi

National President